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Move Without boundaries.

Outside. Inside. Across the street or along the sidewalk. With RYNO, the world is yours. Join the microcycle movement.

A Product Engineering and Licensing Company

Bending the Laws of Physics to Inspire a New Future

• RYNO Motors helps companies build scalable global businesses by taking the risk out of designing exciting products that resonate.
• RYNO Motors’ products contain at least 60% off-the-shelf sub-components that are available in existing global supply chains.
• RYNO designed products can be manufactured in a wide range of markets at very competitive prices.
• RYNO then secures strong design and utility patent protection.
• As businesses license the rights to sell RYNO Branded products, they instantly have the kind of customer loyalty required for success.

RYNO Micro-Cycle

Now Available for Global Manufacturing License

Now Available for Global Manufacturing License
What is the RYNO Micro-Cycle
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• Estimated Retail Price $2,995

Available for Global Manufacturing License, May 2018

What is the RYNO HF-1 Hydro-Foil
• Estimated Retail Price $5,995

Concept, Available for Global Manufacturing License

What is RUBRIC Autonomous Parking
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The Next Breakout Product Could be Yours

• Engineering Overview
• Concept Design
• Research and development
• Product Design and Engineering
• Prototype Building (2)

Chris Hoffmann

Motivational Speaker and Provocative Tech Visionary

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