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Move Without boundaries.

Outside. Inside. Across the street or along the sidewalk. With RYNO, the world is yours. Join the microcycle movement.

See roads everywhere.

With the RYNO, you’re not limited to the street or the bike lane. It’s a transitional vehicle – it goes most places where a person can walk or ride a bike. In an effort to get people out of their cars, cities are trending to allow personal mobility products to mix with pedestrian traffic. See our Regulatory Page for more information on where you can ride.”



Q: Is RYNO hard to ride?
A: Learning to ride the RYNO comes easily to most. RYNO uses your natural movement instincts to accelerate, decelerate, and steer.

Q: How far can RYNO travel on a charge? How fast?
A: Depending on conditions and riding style, you can go around 15 miles on your RYNO. Top speed is 10mph, the pace of a very fast run.

Q: Where can I try one?
A: In our first year of production, RYNO is only available to try at a select number of RYNO-certified dealers. After production begins, you’ll be able to check out our dealer page to find the one nearest you.


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