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Ready to ride the future? Secure your place in line to own the RYNO today, with a fully-refundable $150 PayPal deposit.

Guarantee your RYNO today.

160 Lbs Dry Weight

260 Lbs Capacity

6.0 Hour Charge Time

Custom Steel Frame

LED Headlights


Simply put, it’s one of the most unique machines on the planet – and one that will help you go places like never before. It’s urban freedom. It’s a new way to move. It’s the RYNO – and you can be one of the first people in the world to have one, with a $150, fully-refundable, PayPal deposit.

A limited, short production run, special edition Micro-cycle will be available for the first few lucky people to sign up.  Expected delivery will be in late 2014 for a total price of $5,295.00. All RYNOs must be picked up at an authorized RYNO dealership where new owners will need to go through a brief training program prior to taking ownership.  Initial dealerships will only be in the U.S. with a few locations on the west coast.  All other bikes will ship after our high-volume production run, sometime in 2015.