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Chris Hoffmann Overview

Chris Hoffmann is in a unique position to speak on both innovation and transportation, even though he spent fifteen years as an automotive engineer he’s not speaking from a car company’s vantage point. Yes, he founded a new lifestyle around his single wheel transportation product yet he’s not selling his own solution to urban gridlock. Chris Hoffmann is instead taking a stand for how the efficiency of a country’s transportation system is directly proportional to its quality of life, how the consistency and accessibility of a seamless transportation infrastructure should resemble a socially conscious utility, servicing all people by saving time.

The innovation Chris speaks of has a lineage all the way back to when humans stood up on their hind legs to be confronted by a pair of hands, and how those hands demanded new mental capacity to take full advantage of their utility. Once those hands had the dexterity to move not as threat or protection, but to offer the motivation behind their expression, these hands then had the capacity to create new realities, art, dance and music.

Chris’ inquiry is into how what’s coded in our DNA has millions of years of history creating innovation that’s more than simple products but is coded to build tools to improve our society so we all can thrive together. Innovation is what’s trapped in the core of who we are. Chris’ mission it to unlock these gifts through vulnerability, transparency, self-referenced decision making and his accountability to share his decision-making processes, so we can all learn from each other’s discoveries and failures.