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Proof in numbers.


Fifteen miles of travel on a full charge.

RYNO's two SLA batteries let you go the distance - without plugging in or gassing up.


The RYNO travels at speeds of up to 10 MPH.

The legal limit for a motorized transportation device. It's a lot faster than walking. Trust us.

Battery Bays
RYNO's two high output SLA batteries offer up to 15 miles of travel. Lithium Ion option available.
Shock Absorber
RYNO's coil shock smoothes out your ride.
Adjustable Seat
Different riders, different needs. The adjustable seat accommodates riders short and tall.
A tool unique to the Micro-cycle concept. The stop assist lever helps position you to lean back and slow the RYNO down.
Parking Brake
When you park your RYNO, engage the parking brake EVERY TIME. See Owner’s Manual for more information.
At-rest bumpers
Park your RYNO wherever. Step off, deactivate the RYDE-eX Balance System, set the parking brake, and set the RYNO down.
Making sure you can both see and be seen, the RYNO's ultra-bright LED headlights are always on.
Stop Assist Lever
Simply press the up arrow button to raise the handlebars and tip the bike back to offset the balance point. Press the down button to lower it. You can even do it while riding to trim the neutral balance position.
12V DC Power Plug
Smartphone running out of battery? Plug it in and charge it like you would in a normal car.

160 Lbs
Dry Weight


260 Lbs


6.0 Hour


Steel Frame





Real-deal Rubber

The RYNO is outfitted with a full-size motorcycle tire, offering all the grip and traction you need to ride RYNO safely. The tread is best suited for pavement, but also functions on tile, carpet, and other varied surfaces.

RYNO Onboard Display

Easily check remaining battery charge, system status, and other useful information on the easy-to-read, back-lit digital display. To connect your personal electronic gear such a tablet or phone there is a standard 12v DC socket just like in the dash of your car.

RYDE-eX Balance Technology

Balance redundancy built-in on numerous levels to provide a solid platform to get you where you need to go.

MOTORS: Times two

Two battery driven motors convert watts to torque. Climb the steepest of hills with the greatest of ease.

Pannier Rack

Accessorize your RYNO with industry-standard bike pannier bag for quick runs across the office park or to the grocery store. Sold separately.


LED Headlights

RYNO’s bright billeted machined aluminum LED headlights will pierce through the city night, making sure you can not only see where you’re going – but cars, bicyclists and pedestrians can see you too

Made in the USA

All RYNO micro-cycles are built and assembled in Beaverton, Oregon, using the highest quality materials and components.

Low maintenance

Hand-built in the USA, is built to take a beating – and RYNO’s enclosed engine compartment and electric motor make it practically maintenance-free.

Easy-access Padded Seat

One of the RYNO’s greatest features is the ease of mount and dis-mount. Simply swing your leg over the RYNO with both hands on the handlebars, and you’re on. The RYNO seat is fully padded, offering a comfortable place to sit while RYNO is in motion or at rest.

Custom-designed Steel Frame

The RYNO’s industrial-strength, robot-welded steel frame offers the necessary structural rigidity and high performance. Sleek, minimal, functional… or as they say in Detroit, it could sustain a nuclear blast.

Easy-in, Easy Out PowerPacks

Power comes from two slide out replaceable SLA batteries that give the RYNO up to 15 miles of range on a single charge. No tools are required to change the batteries in seconds. Keep an extra set in the trunk or at the beach-house so you can keep riding all day long.  Lithium Ion option available through your dealer for 1000+ recharge capability.

There is
no throttle.

The RYNO just needs you.

RYNO uses advanced motion-sensor technology
to detect even subtle input from its rider,
and reacts accordingly. Lean forward, and the bike
will accelerate forward. Lean back, and the bike
follows suit, standing up taller and slowing down.
With practice, you’ll ride the RYNO by instinct.





To park the RYNO , just stand it up on the at-rest bumpers and engage the parking brake positioned under the tail light. The parking brake secures the RYNO when it’s on any sort of incline, but it’s a habit we like to encourage whenever you step off your RYNO. When you’re ready to ride again, disengage the brake, stand RYNO upright, and get ready to go.



The details.

The proof is in the numbers. Ride all day. Up hills, down sidewalks – wherever your feet would normally take you. RYNO is the most efficient self-contained, electric-powered transportation devices ever built. Capable of carrying up to 260 lbs., up to 15 miles of range, a top speed of 10mph, the RYNO can bring you (and your belongings) anywhere you need to go.


Need to carry just a little bit more than yourself? The custom-made RYNO rack makes that easy. Lightweight and convenient, you’ll be able to strap groceries, a briefcase, or other items on the back of your RYNO.  It is designed to fit most standard bicycle panniers.



RYNO Sketch 3a 2_SMALL

a balanced machine

RYNO relies on the same balance technology as other electronically stabilized products like remote controlled helicopters, jet planes and space ships. The technology uses the combination of an accelerometer sensor that knows where the center of the earth is, a gyroscopic sensor that is highly reactive to sensing tilt angles, and a set of motors to drive the wheel back and forth under the center of gravity. As the bike leans forward the motors drive the wheel under the rider to keep the bike in balance. To accelerate the rider simply pushes down on the handlebars with enough force to prevent the tilt angle from coming back to zero. The more the rider works to keep the handlebars from coming up, the harder the motors drive to counter that force. Side-to-side the RYNO steers like a conventional motorcycle for balance.

ride pos1_288

a balanced rider

On the RYNO, the rider sits comfortably and naturally upright. Field-tested motorcycle ergonomics were easily adapted to the RYNO’s frame, despite its unique size and balance requirements. The RYNO rider sits more upright than the rider of a typical street-oriented sport bike, allowing them to more quickly and easily pull back and slow the bike down. But no matter how fast you’re moving, you’ll be as comfortable on the RYNO as you are on your own two feet.