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The Concept

RUBRIC is not a product but an urban transportation system and set of standards that can be adopted by any automobile manufacturer across the globe. RUBRIC will influence a new trend in urban design to integrate this standard into the future of urban planning.

RUBRIC is a lightweight, highly maneuverable, multi-purpose, all electric vehicle. With a top speed on only 25 miles an hour it does not have to pass a department of transportation crash test to be driven on the public streets. This lower speed, allows the car to use low cost materials and lower cost drivetrain power components to keep it near a $12,000 price range. To be urban tough, it comes with a wrap about high-impact rubber bumper. It has a small footprint, real-time autonomous driving technology, and is customizable with a unique urban design.

RUBRIC’s small footprint enables drivers to be dropped off in front of stores where the car will then go park itself in automated parking garages or auto-vending machines. The car is highly maneuverable at only seven feet long by six feet wide. It can even be driven onto trains for transportation from city to city. With its front opening door, it can be parked with its front to the curb allowing drivers to exit on the sidewalk.

Special thanks to Tathagata Ghosh for his design inspiration