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RYNO Engineering Overview

RYNO Motors Inc., based in Portland, OR, was founded by Chris Hoffmann in 2014 after raising $2.3 million in angel investment to commercialize a variety of highly innovative, eco-friendly, lifestyle mobility solutions in the personal transportation market. Utilizing balancing and ride enhancing technology, RYNO started with the development of a breakthrough, single wheel, electric Micro-Cycle which allows consumers to move through their community, business and environment in a highly efficient and exceptionally flexible manner. RYNO now is leveraging its experience in electric drivetrains, balance stabilization and laws of physics defying technology to bring to market a new Hydro-Foil personal water craft. Like the RYNO Micro-Cycle it allows customers to mingle quietly and effectively in dense urban landscapes. The HF-1 Hydro-Foil will enable customers to re-enter not only inland lakes and waterways where Jet-Skis are outlawed but coastal areas where a high level of maneuverability is mandatory. The ethos of RYNO Motors in offering transportation options to customers that allow them to experience their environment by immersing themselves in it, as opposed to isolating themselves from it. The hope is by allowing more people to engage with other people and their environment they will naturally be inspired and compelled to preserve and improve it.

It’s not what we create and force on the market, it’s how we allow ourselves to be changed by the act of creation. Chris Hoffmann knows what it’s like to be onstage as a punk-rock bass player but as he matured, he realized he’d much rather create innovations that contain in them the tightly wound spring of inspiration, an inspiration that motivates people to believe there is a brighter future coming. Instead of talking about it, he’d rather just put his creation on the table and let it speak for itself. So many of the Sci-Fi movies we grew up with inspired this same feeling. What happened? Where did that George Jetson future go? Who lost sight of it? Why did we all fail each other so miserably and end up in this stale milk toast society that does little to bring us together?

Chris Hoffmann’s curiosity is in looking back at earlier cultures where stone tools evolved to a highly refined art form as testimony to the stable culture that must have existed then. His passion is in how the culture we should be building now, might offer the same stability for a wider range of people.