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It’s difficult to explain how you’ll feel when you ride the RYNO – because there’s nothing else in the world to compare it to. Incredibly unique and yet strangely natural, riding the Micro-cycle is an experience few on this earth will be lucky enough to have. Are you one of them?

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Before you enjoy riding the RYNO, you’ll enjoy looking at it. Sleek and simple, while evoking a deep-seated yearning for a more progressive future, the mere look of the RYNO inspires you to ride. Take a close-up look at the features that define the RYNO – from the custom-built steel frame to the LED headlights.

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Meet the Ryno

You wanted to see a Micro-cycle in action? Here it is. Watch as inventor Chris Hoffmann tests out the first few prototypes of the RYNO, and even takes it out into the streets and sidewalks for field testing. And remember – this video is just a taste of the RYNO experience. To truly understand, you’ll have to try one.

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The future you were promised

is now ready for delivery.