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RYNO is working with regulatory consultants to obtain clearance from authorities in each state to use the RYNO on sidewalks, bike lanes and anyplace pedestrians can go.  The RYNO is similar to an “Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device” or “Personal Motorized Mobility Device” so it should fall under each states laws with respect to this classification.  The laws differ from state to state, so it is important that potential purchasers and RYNO users carefully review their state regulations and comply with any special requirements.  Many cities and municipalities have their own laws with relation to “Personal Motorized Mobility Devices”, so please check with your local government officials as well.

With that said, we have ridden the RYNO all over Portland, OR and have not had any problems over the last few years with local authorities and have taken it on our Max Train, into various office buildings, as well using it on sidewalks all over downtown.

The Ryno may be used on private property with the permission of the property owner in all 50 states.


Q: Is RYNO hard to ride?
A: Learning to ride the RYNO comes easily to most. RYNO uses your natural movement instincts to accelerate, decelerate, and steer.

Q: How far can RYNO travel on a charge? How fast?
A: Depending on conditions and riding style, you can go around 15 miles on your RYNO. Top speed is 10mph, the pace of a very fast run.

Q: When can I get one?
A: RYNO is now shipping limited numbers of product to specific strategic partners.  Volume consumer sales are targeted for late 2015.  Sign up for our eNewsletter to stay informed.


Still have questions?
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When you buy a RYNO, you not only get the most effective personal transportation device ever invented. You’re joining the one-wheel revolution. You’re freeing yourself to go where you want – when you want.