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In our goal to make a lightweight, nimble transportation device that you can take anywhere, we also managed to create something with even less. Less impact on the planet. Less footprint on the street. Less damage to your pocket book.

A Penny Per Mile

You’re used to thinking in MPG – now it’s time to think in PPM: Pennies Per Mile. The RYNO uses just 0.375 KW/HR for every 10 miles traveled. In terms of your household power bill, that’s the equivalent of about $.01 – for every mile you go on a RYNO. Take that, Prius.

Reduced Material Costs

RYNO’s light weight and small footprint mean a tangible and drastic reduction in the amount of non-renewable or environmentally harmful resources used in building your RYNO. Smaller is better.

A Smaller Footprint

Combined with the absence of one more vehicle on the road and a parking footprint comparable to a regular bicycle, the conclusion is obvious: for easy, efficient, environmentally friendly personal transportation, the RYNO is good for you – and it’s good for the environment.

Made in the USA

RYNO’s research, design and manufacturing are all based right in Beaverton, OR, just outside Portland. We work very hard to source everything we can (when possible) right here in the USA. Our long term goal is to continue building RYNO in the USA while minimizing the environmental impact to this amazing planet we call home.

A Sustainable Model

The RYNO was exhibited at the 2013 Call for Solutions and WEST Summit, held to discuss, exhibit and showcase work being done to address world-wide sustainability issues. The RYNO was a Call for Solutions Finalist.Finalist_logo