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Please contact RYNO directly for pricing on our contact page.

When you buy a RYNO, you not only get the most effective personal transportation device ever invented. You’re joining the one-wheel revolution. You’re freeing yourself to go where you want – when you want.

What do you get when you purchase a RYNO?

Two RYNO SLA batteries, RYNO charger, powerful LED headlights, the RYNO display stand – everything you need to ride your RYNO. And guess what? The air conditioning’s free.

Upgrade to Lithium Ion batteries for an additional fee.

Purchase RYNO authorized Lithium Ion batteries, which will enable you recharge your power supply up to 1,000 times or more.  Check with your dealer for details.

Add the RYNO Rack

Even though you ride the RYNO solo – it doesn’t mean you can’t take some things with you. The custom-designed RYNO rack is compatible with most bicycle pannier-style bags, so you can hit the grocery store, carry your laptop, or whatever else you need when you’re out and about.

Made in the USA

All RYNO Micro-cycles are built and assembled just outside of Portland, Oregon, using the highest quality materials, components and of course, the best of a highly skilled work force.

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